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Gourmet Popcorn Gift Packages

Gift packages are available for purchase on the farm year round. They can be custom ordered as desired.

Many different designs available for wrapping the package.
  1. Christmas
  2. Valentines
  3. Birthdays
  4. Any Occasion

Our most popular gift package sells for $10 it includes:

  • 1 - 900g bag of regular popcorn
  • 1 - 900g bag of mushroom type popcorn
  • 1 - 900g bag of white popcorn
  • 1 package of 10 empty microwave bags
  • 1 - 10oz jar of extra fine popcorn salt
  • 1 - shaker of popcorn seasoning
  • 1 - 100g Bag of caramel corn
  • Popcorn recipes

For descriptions of each of the products please see our products

Other content that is available in custom gift packages are:
  • Coconut oil
  • Jones Popcorn coffee mug
  • Jones Popcorn baseball cap
  • In addition the 900g bags can be upgraded to the 2kg size

Packages can be made to suit any budget.

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