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Product Line-up

We sell three different Varieties of Popcorn they are:

3 different varieties of popcorn

Regular or Butterfly Type
  • This is the variety which most of our sales are comprised of
  • It is what is used at the theatre and the arenas
  • It pops in a butterfly shape - it is light and fluffy with some hull
  • The expansion for this variety is 40:1 which means that one cup of unpopped popcorn will produce 40 cups of popcorn
  • If you are looking for a nice bowl full of popcorn to sit down to this is the variety that is most suitable

Regular Popcorn 900g bag

Mushroom or Hot Air Popcorn
  • The expansion on this popcorn is about the same as the butterfly popcorn, the difference is that when it pops, it pops into a mushroom or ball shape.
  • It is ideal for carmeling or processing as the ends will not break off as they curl under
  • This kernel is also a tougher kernel and not as tender as the butterfly type.
  • There is also more hull in this variety

Hotair Popcorn 900g bag

White Popcorn
  • This is the smallest variety of popcorn and unlike the other two is white in colour
  • The kernels are smaller, and therefore the resulting puff of popcorn is also smaller
  • A cup of white popcorn will yield less than the other two varieties
  • The benefits to this variety is that it is much more tender and has almost no hull

White Popcorn 900g bag

Sizes of packages available
Each of these varieties are available in each size of packaging

900g bag
900g - approximately 2 pounds

2Kg bag
2kg - approximately 4.4 pounds
- a ziplock resealable bag

20Kg bag
20kg - 44 pounds

Popcorn on the Cob
  • Popcorn is grown on the cob, and can be popped off the cob in a microwave
  • It is available for sale more as a novelty item - or for decoration
  • Available in the late fall

Popcorn on the cob, ear of popcorn

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